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Your Brand in the Public Eye

Clubs’ claim of exclusivity becomes useless once its reputation is tarnished by pest infestation. After all, who wants to belong to a pest-ridden club? Pests are not what you need to increase sign-ups and patronage.

The reality is, however, that clubs are one of the most susceptible businesses to pests. Its facilities, equipment and stock are attractive to common pests. And, you should do whatever’s in your power to prevent and control infestation.

Your Reputation at Risk

For clubs, pest infestation is tantamount to a ruined reputation. Reputation is a currency in clubs, and adds value to your business.

  • Decrease in sales
  • Ruined brand
  • Loss of clients
  • Damaged reputation
  • Decreased revenue
  • Potential closure by regulatory authorities


We Take Time to Understand You

Some members of our team have worked extensively for the service industry. They bring along their experience and expertise when they become part of your Safe Spray Pest Control team.

We take time to understand your unique situation. Our team will do an initial ocular inspection as well as client consultation. There is no single approach to pest control so you get solutions that are tailor-fit to your exact needs.

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Club Pest Control in the Time of Covid-19

Exclusive spaces, like clubs and other establishments, deal with upped expectations from their clientele, especially during a crisis, like the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the club be able to sustain its standards? Is it safe to use shared facilities, albeit exclusively among members?

These expectations go beyond Covid-19 protocols. In fact, it has been a reality for many clubs. Clients expect the best, especially when it comes with safety, sanitation and hygiene.

Pest control and management by Safe Spray guarantees that you are able to fulfill expectations, be it Covid-19 health protocols or requisite sanitation and hygiene. By ensuring that your club stays pest-free, through this pandemic most especially, you help ease worries and guarantee the safety and health of your members.

Talk to us to know more about our pest control and management services, uniquely designed for clubs and similar established, and aligned with Covid-19 health standards.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure that you are able to keep your exclusive space, pest-free, sanitary and hygienic. Our solutions include thorough inspection and assessment of your space, and professional pest treatment and monitoring. Call today to talk to a representative for more details.

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